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Smashed Ink Services


When marketing to your consumer: If you confuse them, you lose them. We have mere seconds to capture a potential lead and turn them into a paying, loyal customers. So, every detail counts. We don’t have endless bounds of money to throw at the cause either. That’s why, once we’ve opened our business, a marketing strategy is hands-down the most important part of our business plan. A strategy ensures that every dollar that we spend counts. Now we can sleep at night knowing that our marketing will show a return on investment (ROI). That’s when we promote ourselves from struggling small business owner to boss of “The Big League”. And now that we see a positive ROI, marketing moves from a financial burden that we struggle to justify to something that we can’t live without. Because the realty is that in this day in age, marketing is something that we really can’t live without. To get you started, we recommend you check out our Marketing Money Maker Program. This marketing strategy program is the foundation to successful, small business marketing.


Because it is hard to quantify the value of a company’s brand, many entrepreneurs will avoid investing adequate time and money into the process. Or, small business owners often realize the value too late, and find out that they have to “start over” at inopportune times. Branding is as important to the growth of a successful business as the business plan itself. Invest in your brand and brand strategy. We promise this process is something that you will not regret and will continue to add value to your business every single day. A strong brand is the backbone to your reputation. And have no doubt that your brand reinforces your expertise, knowledge and professionalism. A strong brand is a discernible way to add value to the type of employees and customers you attract. Do it correctly and you’ll have loyal brand advocates that not only buy from you but help positively market your business for you too.

Our premium branding package includes: meeting/consultation hours, market research, logo design,  color palette, typography, accent marks and/or icons, textures and patterns and a brand standards manual. Some brands may include secondary logos and brand voice/copy development. Premium brand identity projects start at $3k. Modified branding packages can be established based on your individual needs. Pay a deposit to get started or set-up

Web Design

Technology can be exhausting. With it comes a far too frequent need for updates and upgrades, which is a “pain in the you-know-what.” Trends can move just as fast. That is why it is important to us that you have a website that can keep up with it all. When trends hit or technology changes, your site will not be left behind. We are not here to romanticize the process or the product for you either. You can have a deliciously attractive website that is as organic and visually appealing as it is functional. This is not as unattainable as some make it seem. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, a responsive website is one of your business’s most important consumer resources. We want you to have a website that is specifically tailored to your business’s needs, not based on a cookie cutter pre-designed template.

All of our sites come standard with a responsive WordPress backend and custom designed front end. We provide solutions for brochure, blog and e-commerce sites. Although most clients opt to leave the edits to us, we offer back-end training allowing you and your team to edit content as needed. Pricing starts at $1.5k  and goes up from there depending on the number of pages, number of products and/or functionality of your site. Pay a deposit to get started or set-up payment terms with the Smashed Ink team.


Graphic Design

It’s true what they say, presentation really is everything. Because the world is saturated with marketing we are all quick, very quick, to make decisions. That’s where great design is now a necessity, not a luxury. Great design quickly grabs attention, makes impressions and persuades consumers which products, brands or services to choose. Design also helps quickly and visually tell a brand’s story. You’re a professional. You’re an expert at what you do. You sell the best product and/or services that are available, right? Your designs need to represent the same level of excellence, and that is where we come in. After all, design is the way you quickly convey your reliability, quality and expertise to the world. You are a book, and whether we like it or not, you will be judged by your cover.

This process is pretty cut and dry. We are here to provide you with show-stopping, attention getting design. Design projects can be done on an hourly basis, project-to-project basis or through design suits. Design suits are basic design packages that we have put together to fulfill your most common graphic design needs. Our design knowledge is vast. We ‘ve had hours upon hours of technical training and years of experience. We’ve got the design process down to a science and are very confident that we can efficiently provide you with any graphic design needs you may have.