The Marketing Money Maker Program is a guided process for small business owners to create an annual marketing strategy for their business. The Marketing Money Maker program allows small business owners to make smart marketing decisions (via actionable tactics) for their business by guiding them through some proven marketing processes. The program is offered in two versions: self-guided OR consultation based.


Please send us your email address via the sign-up form below. Once we receive your information we will 1) send you additional information on purchasing the self-guided version of the Marketing Money Maker Program 2) add you to the waitlist to reserve your copy 3) email you updates on your waitlist status! There is no obligation to add your name to the waitlist! 


The Marketing Money Maker program makes creating and implementing a marketing strategy easy and feasible. You have been gifted a self-fulfilling dream by owning your own business. You can work hard and reap every ounce of effort you put in. When you own a business you have the luxury to live life on your terms. The Marketing Money Maker program will release you from being an over-worked business owner showing you how to work smarter, not harder. Being successful and happy is attainable. Let’s set one thing straight- in no way am I claiming that this process is a new marketing invention that I have created. This program was created based on many proven marketing process and tactics that have been practiced and perfected by marketing professionals, including myself. I have hand picked processes and tactics that I personally believe in based on my own extensive education and years of experience. I’m not here to fake my personal perfection either. In the younger years of my marketing career I too found myself in the same exact boat you are in. I am guilty of committing random acts of marketing. The good news is that I now get to share my experience and knowledge with you and hopefully save you from making some of the mistakes of my past. I am so happy to be here teaching you what I have learned and experienced over the years. I have been there, done that. Trust me, I know exactly where you are coming from.  Another one of my personal specializations is marketing for small business. Trust me. Small business marketing is a monster all on its own. Even though there are many very effective marketing strategies out there, The Marketing Money Maker program is based on strategies, processes and tactics I believe to be the best combination for successful small business marketing. Whether self-guided or consultation based, I’ll be there for you throughout the entire program. With every client I learn more than I knew going in. Every strategy that gets completed makes The Marketing Money Maker program even better than it was before. Good for you for wanting to properly invest in your business. Thank you for allowing Smashed Ink the opportunity to lead you through your marketing strategy process.

Cheers – Ashley Ponsolle [ Owner- Smashed Ink ]